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Paul M. Hoyt, owner and principal consultant with the Hoyt Management Group, has over 40 years experience leading teams to improve profitability and productivity. Comfortable “from the boardroom to the boiler room,” he has worked with dozens of organizations across many industries, and at all levels. His experience includes P&L responsibilities at EDS, Oracle, Litton Industries, and Qwest Cyber Solutions. In addition, Paul has successfully started and managed two professional services companies, and consulted with hundreds of companies of all sizes. Read more at https://paulhoyt.com/about-paul/biography/

Energy of the Day: Climb

The temperature Climbs throughout the day without any effort on our part, but practically everything else requires focus, attention, and action. What mountains will you Climb today? Who will you help Climb out of the darkness and back into the light?


Energy of the Day: Expose

Many valuable things remain hidden until uncovered and Exposed, especially truth and talent. The truth is often covered by stories and traditions, and talents are often buried under fear. Shine the light today! Expose your own truth and talent!


Energy of the Day: Create

I recommend a five step Creation process: Vision, Status, Plans, Resources, and Plan Execution. Sometimes if happens instantly (idea, act, done!), and sometimes it can take years – or decades. What are you Creating today?

Energy of the Day: Repair

We have become a throw-away society. For the most part, we no longer patch clothes, darn socks, or fix circuit boards. We throw cameras, phones, TVs, and computers away instead of Repairing them, because it makes financial sense. But people are another story; almost all relationships are worth Repairing and keeping.


Energy of the Day: Branch

Trees, bushes, and other plants have Branches – so do organizations. If the root system is strong and can support the growth, Branches increase the health of the system; otherwise, they may need to be pruned.


Energy of the Day: Promise

When we Promise something, we are honor bound to do everything we can to make it happen. A Promise is a sacred vow, helping others feel safe by giving them something they can rely on. So Promise cautiously and always deliver!


Energy of the Day: Self-Awareness

Without Self-Awareness, there is little hope of growth. We have to see room for improvement, we have to see a gap between where we are and where we want to be, in order to achieve what we want.


Energy of the Day: Replenish

We all have the incredible ability to Replenish our positive energy. It just takes an inspiring thought, some physical movement, a good song, or any one of a thousand other ways. Find your favorite ways of raising your vibration, and Replenish yourself consistently every day!


Energy of the Day: Review

Informal and formal Reviews are a necessary part of management. Be objective, have an open mind and an open heart, and look for opportunities for improvement!

Energy of the Day: Coincidence

It is often difficult to tell if two things happening together are merely Coincidences or if they are closely related; whether they are independent or if there is a cause – effect relationship. So be wise – don’t assume that occurrences are related when they are just Coincidental.