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Paul M. Hoyt, owner and principal consultant with the Hoyt Management Group, has over 40 years experience leading teams to improve profitability and productivity. Comfortable “from the boardroom to the boiler room,” he has worked with dozens of organizations across many industries, and at all levels. His experience includes P&L responsibilities at EDS, Oracle, Litton Industries, and Qwest Cyber Solutions. In addition, Paul has successfully started and managed two professional services companies, and consulted with hundreds of companies of all sizes. Read more at https://paulhoyt.com/about-paul/biography/

Energy of the Day: Collaborate

Communicate, Cooperate, and Collaborate to create better plans and results, with buy-in from all parties and the goal of synergy. It can be a lot more fun than doing it alone!

Energy of the Day: Kid Around

A kid is a child or a young person, and kids like to play. When we Kid Around, we embrace the playfulness of youth and allow ourselves to have fun. Let go of your worries and seriousness for a few minutes. Kid Around some today!

Energy of the Day: Capital

As it turns out, the amount of Capital required varies tremendously based on the complexity of the business and how rapidly it is growing… but it is almost always more than expected!


Energy of the Day: Milestone

In the past, Milestones were actual stones placed on a road to signify progress. Today, a Milestone signifies passage from one stage or phase to the next in a project or in your life. For example, graduation, marriage, and switching jobs are all Milestones. It is important to define Milestones as you plan and […]

Energy of the Day: Forte

Forte means “strong” in Italian. Find those areas of life in which you excel, in which you are a genius, and use them to your advantage. And look for the Forte in others, too!


Energy of the Day: Peer

We all know people of a lower social status, the same social staus, and a higher social status. But more importantly, we encounter people of a lower, equal, and higher consciousness. Know your Peers, and intentionally spend time with those who are more successful physically, emotionally, and spiritually to gain their wisdom!


Energy of the Day: Preserve

We seek to Preserve those things most valuable to us, such as assets, talents, health, and memories. It takes conscious attention and an understanding of what causes them to decay, like weather and lack of use, in order to accomplish effectively. Identify those things most valuable to you and be smart about Preserving them!


Energy of the Day: Independence

We are all influenced by the people and circumstances of life, but we can grow to be remarkably Independent. We can learn to step back and transcend the negative energy that comes our way, and Independently choose our own mindset and our own path. Celebrate your Independence today!


Energy of the Day: Useful

Clever gadgets, hacks, and shortcuts can all be quite Useful, but the most Useful things are talents – they can’t be stolen or misplaced, and are always there when you need them. Focus on developing your Useful talents for a happier, healthier, more successful life!


Energy of the Day: Recover

We Recover our health after being sick or injured, and we Recover stolen or lost items if we are lucky. And most importantly, we Recover our sense of humor after a frightening experience. Are you smiling as broadly as you would like? If not, then Recover!