An introductory look at the many different opportunities
and useful ways to begin and continue to
practice Awakening in our daily lives.

It’s never been easier to stay in the conversation!

Awakening Practices

An All Complimentary eBook
from Paul Hoyt

Our Gift to You!


I believe that all of us are on a journey of discovery, and that each of us has been blessed with being the leaders of our own lives. I have a passion for helping other CEOs, Entrepreneurs, everyone and anyone who is consciously and humbly joining me on this journey of Awakening.

I’m a big advocate for leading a balanced life, and continue to help my team and my clients identify and focus on the numerous opportunities offered to us every single day to gain wisdom, enhance our health, and enrich our relationships!

And there’s great news! There are many different ways to practice Awakening in our lives, many things that you can do to enhance your learning and your life experience. With practice, you can learn to become a more Peaceful, Joyful, Wise, Strong, and Loving person!

The fundamental principle behind Awakening Practices is that being Our Higher Selves, being The Angel Within, is a choice we can make, and we can become better at making that choice over time. Much like someone practices tennis, singing, playing a musical instrument, or Yoga, Awakening becomes easier and deeper over time, with practice.

We’ll look at many different Awakening opportunities in this ebook, including:

  • Daily Scheduled Practices
  • Opportunistic Awakening
  • Meaningful Conversations
  • Small Group Meetings
  • Presentations and Training Programs
  • Community Meetings
  • Holidays and Celebrations
  • Retreats and Intensives
  • Therapists, Coaches, and Gurus
  • And more

My hope is that these simple words can help you find some guidance for taking your own next steps in choosing your practices and path.

To your happiness!
Paul Hoyt
CEO, Hoyt Management Group
Mentor to CEOs, Entrepreneurs