Partner Team and Resource Referrals

We’re pleased to provide recommendations and referrals that we believe can help you on your own unique business and personal journey. These referrals come from our own personal interactions over time, and from other professionals within our Inner Circle. All recommendations are from those we know, trust, and wholeheartedly believe in. – Paul Hoyt

Sales Training for
CEOs, Entrepreneurs, and Sales Professionals

Overcome your sales barriers, make more money with better skills, and get in the door for your next sales opportunity with Eric Lofholm’s top tier sales training programs. Whether you’re an entrepreneur just getting started building your empire, a top CEO with a multi-million dollar domain, or even a professional sales person, Eric and his team will help you achieve your sales goals, and develop the habits of a top performing salesperson. His programs have a beautiful combination of sales training and transformational coaching that will allow you to take your income to the next level.

Get Eric’s introductory, free video series, along with some of his fantastic sales closing tips here: Eric Lofholm’s Free Close Videos

Productivity Coaching

Are you ready to improve your productivity by up to 25% more? Penny Zenker, founder of Smart Moves Coaching, knows that improving your productivity can double your sales revenues, re-balance your life, and give you back control of your time! Imagine what would be different in your life and business when you learn the language of productivity, and consistently create a championship psychology, winning strategies with new, sustainable results!

Learn the language of productivity, stop procrastination, eliminate clutter and overwhelm with Penny Zenker, and P10 Productivity

Conflict Resolution

Bill Stierle, founder of Corporate Culture Development, is the creator and leader in the integration of Emotional Intelligence & Thinking Styles Technology and trainings. Bill’s unique and extensive knowledge for developing and implementing successful corporate trainings & executive development programs allow his clients to profit from increased professional productivity, organizational performance and individual effectiveness.

Discover how you and your team can identify crucial connections between management decisions and business results, developing effective action plans to move forward successfully: Corporate Culture Development

Financial Advisor & Trainer

Annette Bau is a performance coach, author, and wealth and success expert who has helped tens of thousands of individuals create the business & life of their dreams. Her training programs for financial advisors and women include marketing to the affluent, sales strategies, lead generation, marketing and working with affluent women and referral marketing, and are designed to generate more clients, better clients and to increase your bottom line.

Learn more about Annette, and get here free, weekly million-dollar nuggets to create your dream business & life here:

Productivity Tools

SmartSheets® is a versatile, online, project/task management tool. This collaborative program is stable, reliable and inexpensive, with a free trial period to test and check if it’s the right fit for you. We like the different options and flexibility over Google Docs® it gives us, and especially like the Gantt Chart capability. Get your own free trial here and see how it works for you:

NOTE: As always, all individuals are strongly encouraged to do their own due diligence. Please consult any team, legal or other professional advisor as needed before making any decisions, or for guidance about any specific issues.