I have created a wealth of content over the years, and most of it is available to you for free, right here!

Here’s a quick outline:

  • The Business Basics Course is the place to start. Even if you have been in business for a while, you will find some valuable information about business models that I’m sure will be helpful. If you are just getting started, START HERE!
  • The Business Survival Bootcamp is for those who are on the journey and finding it tough, or for those who like to look before they leap. Maybe that’s you.
  • The Business Foundations Course  (aka Beyond Business Survival) – is like a semester class in business best practices. I think it is an essential course of study for any business owner, and defines 40 best practices in businesses.
  • Office Hours is a collection of 133 presentations, 45-60 minutes long, on a wide variety of subjects. Check it out! You are sure to find a lesson that’s just what you need in your business or personal life right now!
  • The Library contains templates of all kinds you can use in your business.

I refer to all of these materials in the course of my coaching and mentoring engagement, which significantly adds to the value of my services. Interested? Give me a call!