Revenue is the life-blood of your business, and your job is probably not the only one on the line if profitability numbers decline. We believe more businesses would succeed if more key management team members understood and respected the importance of sales and the profitability of their product and service lines.

Sales and Marketing Support Services

Your sales and marketing activities are some of the most important that all companies have on their to-do lists. Take a hard look at your own activities and the results you’re getting. Does your team have a clear line of sight between sales actions, sales goals, and company needs? Have you aligned your sales and marketing actions with your product funnel? Are you having the right kinds of sales conversations, consistently? Let us help you focus on the practical, tactical elements of how and what you need to move forward.

Sales team training and coaching, both one-on-one and group formats, sales scripting and presentation planning, preparation and development

Infusionsoft and MailChimp software expertise, automated email campaign creation, program customization

Email marketing campaigns, product and service promotional campaigns, team training programs, customer loyalty program development

Content and Product Development Services

All of the content, the products and services that a business creates or delivers should have a purpose. It may address a specific need, provide a solution, or address a problem. It could be announcing a new product, program, event or service. It might move a current client from an entry level program onto the next, or increase conversion on a landing page. It might establish credibility and visibility, showcase your expertise, and meet a myriad of other needs.

And consider that the most successful products and services are not only integrated into sales and marketing funnels – they are created AS sales and marketing funnels, leveraging your business’s best conversion processes. Let’s start getting your talent out there…

Copywriting, ghostwriting, editing and polishing, sales, marketing and other company presentations

Product funnel planning and development, product integration into sales and marketing funnels

Live and online events planning, preparedness, management, and production

Online sales and landing pages, website content, email and marketing campaigns

Digital and other business program development

Book writing, blog posts, white papers, special reports, article creation

And much more

Event Management Services

Most organizations now recognize the significance of building relationships with their target market through a variety of different type of events, as well as a valuable investment for a number of given purposes: trust and rapport building, personal interaction with target market, network and relationship building, sales and marketing benefits, gaining brand exposure, news and public relations maximization, lead generation tools, and much more. Every day is a new opportunity to create something wonderful! Let’s do it together:

Live and other event, meeting, and class creation, planning, preparation, and execution services

Event and meeting location selection, logistics, vendor management, exhibit and sponsorship supervision

On-site event and meeting coordination and management, attendee registration control, general session and speaker supervision

Event systematization, process manuals and documentation, team management and training

Our programs are custom designed after we take an in-depth look at your needs, your budget, and your time frame.

For those wanting a more balanced, successful business and life.

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