Energy of the Day: Gratitude

Gratitude is one of the most powerful energies in the Universe. Focusing on our blessings raises us out of the darkness and helps us let go of our fear. So be Grateful today. Make a list of all the blessings you have received and will receive, and give thanks.

Energy of the Day: Difference

Be a Difference Maker. Do something special for someone today and make a Difference in their lives!

Energy of the Day: Endearing

Being Endearing is largely a choice – by changing our mindset and our actions, we can become Endearing to others. So be Endearing Today! Convey kindness and support in all your thoughts, words, and actions.

Energy of the Day: Summit

What is your Summit? What is the highest point that you see? What do you really want to do and have, and who do you really want to be? See it, map a path to it, and get moving!

Energy of the Day: Enliven

Find a way to Enliven someone’s life today – bring your joyful, Powerful, Exciting energy into a conversation! Remember what it is like to feel full of zest, vim, and vigor, and feel that way again!

Energy of the Day: Develop

Very few things are fully mature from the inception – most things need to be refined, expanded, and Developed in some way. What are you Developing? What products, services, and habits are you working on?

Energy of the Day: Mesmerize

The word “Mesmerize” dates back to an 18th century Austrian physician named Franz Anton Mesmer (1734-1815). He theorized that invisible magnetic forces impacted health and inadvertently discovered the power of suggestion. Who do you know who is Mesmerizing? Do you have the ability to entrance individuals and audiences?

Energy of the Day: Beingness

There are three major categories of goals: what we want to do or experience, what we want to have, and the person we want to be. I refer to them as Doingness, Havingness, and Beingness. Of the three, Beingness is the most important to me, by far. And I am very certain that the […]

Energy of the Day: Local

Every Locality has its own language and customs. Each one also has its own unique features and small businesses. Nurture your local economy by shopping and dining nearby!

Energy of the Day: Port

“Any port in a storm” is a great adage for those at sea, and for those who are going through tough times. When you are in the shadows, find a safe Port where you can rest for a while before proceeding to your ideal destination. And when you see someone floundering in the waves, […]