Energy of the Day: Devise

Are you Devising a strategy for the coming year? Now is a great time to make your plans and set your goals!

Energy of the Day: Coalition

Temporary, focused teams are a great way to come together to achieve a common purpose. Do you have a cause or a project that could be best realized by a Coalition?

Energy of the Day: Committment

What are your Commitments? What are you absolutely, positively Committed to doing this year, this month, this week, and today?

Energy of the Day: Meditate

There are many types of Meditation; the easiest (and a great starting place) is to just relax your body and let go of your troubles for while. Quiet your mind as best you can and listen to the still small voice within for insight and direction. You will be happier and stronger – and […]

Energy of the Day: Claim

Many Claims are valid, but some are pure fantasy, and it can be hard to tell the difference. Reflect on the Claims that you and others are making. Which one do you think are valid, and which ones seem doubtful?

Energy of the Day: Work

All accomplishments require effort, but it doesn’t have to be painful. Make your work fun today! Turn it into a game! Ramp up the energy AND have fun!

Energy of the Day: Script

Don’t just wing it! Focus on the power of Scripts today – rehearse your sales calls and presentations. Your results will improve!

Energy of the Day: Future

Look towards the Future with great optimism! Make your Future a bright one through your intentions, focus, plans, and actions!

Energy of the Day: Cute

Cute things and people bring a smile to my face. Look for someone or something Cute today and see how you feel!

Energy of the Day: Unwind

In addition to Unwinding every day, we all need an entire day to Unwind every once in a while. Is today your day? Relax, let go, and surrender any stress you feel. You can be productive tomorrow. 🙂