Today’s Insight: Lets Start with Respect


I was helping some men work out a conflict the other day. We went through a typical expression and reflection exercise, where each man got to honestly express the facts, his feelings, and his opinions, and the other man listened and then echoed what he had heard.


They both expressed, listened, and reflected very well.

And […]

Energy of the Day: Encourage

Even the strongest of people finds value in Encouragement. It’s always nice to know that someone believes in you, so speak up and Encourage people whenever you can!

Energy of the Day: Solid

There are times to be soft, flexible, and pliable, and times to be as Solid as a rock. You get to choose!

Energy of the Day: Dive!

Sometimes the only way to get into the game is to take a big breath and jump in. Ready, Set, DIVE!

Energy of the Day: Hike

I remember long Hikes through the woods and forests and camp outs by a stream. They were very enlivening. Replenish your soul – revisit nature soon!

Energy of the Day: Celebration

Celebrate family and friends, the giving and receiving, and the deepest meaning of the holiday for you. May the Love and Joy Abound! Merry Christmas everyone!

Energy of the Day: Intelligence

We are all amazingly Intelligent in our own ways! Reflect on and honor your personal brilliance today!

Energy of the Day: Hug

Hugs are good for your health! Research shows that Hugging and laughter are extremely effective at healing (and preventing!) sickness, disease, loneliness, depression, anxiety, and stress. So Hug away!

Energy of the Day: Whole

Think about the Big Picture today. See your activities in the context of the Whole Project. See today in the context of your Whole lifetime.

Energy of the Day: Forward!

Get clear with your vision, set your intentions, keep your eyes on the goal, and move Forward in your projects today!