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The Awakened CEO Community!

A customized series of programs that build on personal mentoring relationships to make sure your next steps
are the right steps!

Experience increased productivity, better teamwork, and increased team loyalty.

Embrace better peace of mind, sense of harmony, and a fuller enjoyment of life, both in your business and your personal life.

Our proprietary business-building tools and systems allow us to create and help execute the actions and activities that will support you in reaching your goals and meet your unique needs.

Building a profitable, sustainable, and scalable business isn’t just about the numbers – it is about becoming the person you need to be to create the success that you want. Therefore, Awakened CEOs work and focus on multiple levels – simultaneously.

The most successful CEOs recognize the relationship between business growth, professional growth, and personal growth. The Awakened CEO system is a unique series of collaborative programs that integrate these relationships. Our programs are for anyone and everyone running a business, large or small, who is confidently and humbly on a journey of business and personal growth.

Awakened CEOs are not only building the business of their dreams, they are becoming the person they want to be!

Our programs are developed and delivered by specialists, experts in planning, implementation, and execution, and are structured to provide the expertise and bandwidth, when and where it’s needed!

Business Plans and Financial Models

Executive Team Services

Revenue and Profitability Coaching

Operations Support, Enhancement, and Training

Strategic and Tactical Planning

Mentoring and Coaching

Training and Education

Funding Planning, Preparation, and Development

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Our simple, but powerful, five-step methodology supports you on all levels for optimum success!

QuickStart Program

An all complimentary business training program for CEOs, entrepreneurs, and business professionals, including our live, Office Hours series.

Silver Program

A 30-60 day creative planning and execution program as we begin our work together by building on exactly where you are right now. We’ll determine where you want to go, what needs to be done, and how quickly you want to get there, and begin the process of creating your growth plans and identifying the activities and actions to get you there. A custom built plan, created with a flexible time-frame to accommodate real-time execution needs.

Gold Program

A more in depth commitment, a 90-120 day creative planning and execution program, as we take a deeper look at your unique needs, your short and long term goals, company resources, and much more for an experiential, comprehensive solution. We’ll create detailed blueprints, integrated with your short and long term goals, and we’ll BOTH follow through with the strategies and actions needed to create the momentum for your continued growth.

Diamond Programs

A more sophisticated level of strategic services for specific growth, expansion, raising capital, and other needs: business plans, financial models and projections, growth and expansion strategic planning, funding and capital raising services, CFO, CEO, COO executive team support, and more.

Inner Circle Mentoring Program

A personal, one-on-one mentoring program with Paul Hoyt, focusing specifically on personal and professional growth. For those wanting a more balanced, successful life, both in their business and personal life.

Business Growth requires
Professional Growth which
Accelerates with
Personal Growth!

The program’s unique platform will support your growth to perform at your best, both professionally and personally, in every key performance area of your business.

A Message From Paul

I’m a firm believer that we all go through three or four different levels when it comes to building and growing our own businesses, as well as in becoming the person that we can be. We struggle through the first level, and come into some level of competence in the second, moving into excellence in level three.

It’s after we’ve achieved excellence that we’re left with this AWAKENING – a greater awareness, a sense of purpose, and a higher consciousness. It’s a new level of objectivity and perception.

And the really good news is that you don’t have to wait to achieve excellence in your business to begin your journey of Awakening. You can work on both at the same time, and the wiser and more aware you become, the easier it will be to grow your business! <

I believe entrepreneurs to be among the finest people on earth. They are the best, the boldest, and the brightest of our working population. But starting, growing, and managing a business takes tremendous physical, mental and emotional strength, and the challenges are almost always much greater than expected.

You, and ONLY YOU, are 100% responsible for
everything that goes on in your company.

That means getting the training, the education, the mentorship, and the massive support needed to reach your goals and achieve the success you want – whatever that means to you!

We believe in doing things differently. Give us a call and find out how…

To your ultimate success!

Our programs are custom designed after we take an in-depth look at your needs, your budget, and your time frame.

For those wanting a more balanced, successful business and life.

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