The Hoyt Management Group Team


Paul Hoyt, managing partner and best-selling author, has led hundreds of CEO’s, entrepreneurs, and executives from around the globe through their unique journeys of growth and discovery. His expertise, strong passion, and comfort “from the boardroom to the boiler room” allows him to propel professionals and organizations from a myriad of different industries and experience to reach the business and personal success they want.

His experience and extensive knowledge in the key performance areas of a business enables Paul to analyze and assess the strengths, opportunities and gaps of your foundations, and then develop the strategic and business plans, financial models, and growth strategies needed to improve profitability, productivity, and growth. His experience includes management responsibilities at Oracle, EDS, Litton Industries, and Qwest Cyber Solutions, and he’s helped clients and businesses of all sizes achieve tremendous success in funding and executing their growth and exit strategies, goals and objectives.

Paul is an authority at managing high risk, large-scale programs, and complex, cross-functional project teams, to achieve both incremental and revolutionary improvements across multiple and international locations. He has extensive experience in helping companies design, implement, and manage alliances and partnerships, and support channel sales and marketing organizations.

Hundreds more individuals have been helped from his powerful coaching and mentorship abilities, guiding them in developing specific skills and knowledge to enhance their professional and personal growth. Paul has served on the faculty of the CEO Space Business Growth Conference for 10 years, and spends his time as a mentor and consultant, board member and financial advisor to dozens of companies, veteran entrepreneurial organizations, and many other non-profit and other organizations across the country.

Paul has successfully started and managed two professional services companies, and continues to inspire his clients, his team, and his community on their journeys of growth and discovery.

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Paul M. Hoyt
Managing Partner and Principal Consultant


“Awesome Paul has been a key member of my management team, as well as my trusted business advisor, for well over a year, and I’ve relied on his counsel as my organization has grown. Thanks for the guidance, support, and friendship!”
– Jill White, CEO, Jewels to Jet, Inc


Stephanie J. May
VP Operations and Principal Consultant


“Stephanie takes something that feels absolutely overwhelming, and turns it into a fun, smooth as silk production! She has every detail, big and small, so systemized that no one is ever aware of anything less than a well-oiled machine operating the show! She’s an amazing, talented lady!”
– Julia Jordan, Event Manager, MPact Wealth, Walnut Creek, CA

Stephanie May, a serial entrepreneur, business professional, author and leader, brings 35 years of expertise in business operations and infrastructure, product development, sales and marketing funnels, and event production and management to the team.

Her skills as writer and editor have helped publish 9 best-selling books, and she’s an adroit copywriter and content creator. Stephanie has extensive expertise with product development and business operational structures and systems, helping her clients in analyzing and assessing the strengths and challenges, opportunities and gaps, while developing the tactics, systems and procedures needed to achieve success.

Stephanie has spearheaded the creation and building of a national franchise chain, and is extremely skilled in developing, creating and documenting company policies, procedures and manuals for growth and scalability. She’s an authority in event production, management and coordination, and has helped hundreds of her clients in creating, building and fine-tuning their sales and marketing systems.

Stephanie’s helped build several national companies, and has served on the boards of a few others. Her tenacity and creativity continues to deliver proven results that keep her clients transcending to the next level in their business, professional and personal goals.