Our Mission, Vision and Values

We believe CEO’s, entrepreneurs and business owners to be among the finest people on earth, and are among the boldest and the brightest members of our working population. Starting, growing, and managing a business takes tremendous physical, mental, and emotional strength, and we work hard every day to help our clients get the tools and support they need to succeed.

We’re extremely proud of our company, the value we bring to our clients, and the importance of the work we do in supporting these amazing individuals to realize their unique dreams and goals. We feel the excitement of every success (and the pain of every failure) that our clients make, and look forward to sharing your next success with our entire team!


Our Mission

We begin each day by affirming our purpose as a company – and as individuals – striving to make a difference. It’s the standard against which we hold ourselves and each other accountable.

To help entrepreneurs build the business of their dreams and GROW.

To guide them through their journeys of discovery and INSPIRE them to be their best.

To lead them down a path to prosperity and help them THRIVE!


Our Vision

Our vision guides our actions, our mindsets, and fires our determination and tenacity to support our clients and our team.

To be an advocate for recognizing the relationship between business growth, professional growth, and personal growth.

To support us all in seeing the opportunities we have every day to gain wisdom and become the people we want to be.


Company Culture

Everyone on our team – especially at the top – plays The Awakening Game. We work hard every day to be the best we can be, to be alert, smart, conscious, wise, present, loving, effective, inspirational, and more. We believe The Awakening Game is a movement for everyone and anyone running a business, large or small, who is confidently and humbly on a journey of personal discovery and growth.

Our company, and the companies of our clients, focus on what believe to be the four pillars of Conscious Business Leadership: People, Planet, Profits, and Presence.

People: Provide a safe and secure space for personal discovery, growth, and expression. Foster collaborative relationships that create mutual, lasting value.

Planet: Accept responsibility as businesses and individuals to make a difference with the services we bring to our communities and across the globe, for generations to come.

Profits: To create profitable, sustainable, and scalable businesses, and stay mindful of our overall responsibilities to ourselves, our partners, and our communities.

Presence: Be aware of the value we bring to the world, the significance of the promises we make, and mindful of the impact our energy has on our clients, our peers, and our communities.


Our Path

Our values serve as the backbone of our personal and business actions, and keep us accountable for how we conduct ourselves in life.

Leadership: We accept that we are 100% responsible for everything that goes on in our company and in our lives.

Relationships: We recognize the importance of the people in our lives, and our opportunity to help them in every way.

Integrity: We live with honor and authenticity.

Responsibilities: We hold ourselves and our company to a higher standard.

Commitment: We remember and honor the promises we make.

Excellence: We always strive to be the best we can be, and to serve with the highest quality possible.